Passus Ambience

Passus Ambience

Passus Ambience extracts data from the network traffic and streams of information. It enables their transformation, including supplementing with data from external sources, then transfering to any system, such as SIEM, Business Intelligence, Big Data harvest, and anti-fraud or compliance systems.


A solution for detecting and documenting irregularities and activities which bear the symptoms of abuse or fraud, e.g. suspicious file operations, sudden spike in database queries, or non-standard behavior during network or application login.



Ambience Healtcare uses intelligence computational algorithms to recognize and protect the privacy of multimedia files containing sensitive medical data of patients that are stored on computer networks or transmitted through them. (COMING SOON)


Ambience SCADA is an innovative solutions increasing IT security of SCADA environment by monitoring and analyzing network traffic for the occurrence of events that could disrupt the operation of the network and devices. (COMING SOON)


About Passus

Basing on its own products and services as well as technologies developed by reputed vendors, Passus creates and implements individual solutions precisely tailored to the requirements of Clients.  Passus has also its own programmer and engineer teams, who create comprehensive solutions according to Clients’ specific requests.  On the basis of experience gained, in May 2014, this team designed a unique solution basing on analysis of network traffic for fraud and incidents identification - Passus Ambience.

Why Passus Ambience

Flexible system that enables to create customized analyzers of any protocols
Granular system of permissions and data anonymization

Easy to installation and configuration


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