Passus Ambience

Passus Ambience is a network based, real time solution designed for network data streams analyze, irrespective
of data type and source or communication protocols. Modification, filtration and aggregation tools give a
possibility to process large amounts of data and transform them into valuable security or business events described
by metadata. The events can be complited with external information and delivered in real time to both business
intelligence and security systems. All metadata can be also recorded to a build-in collector for further forensic

Passus Ambience is the flexible solution that can parse any type of input data or protocols including industrial,
medical or individually tailored protocols or standards.

Key features of the solution:

  • Captures network traffic, logs, alerts and any events generated by 3rd party solutions.
  • Collects either single event or a sequence of events related to IP Address, MAC, User,
  • Delivers in real time user-defined events to any analytic system (SIEM, BI, AntyFraud, GRC etc.) in the tailored /suitable formats.
  • Build-in analyzers i.e. HTTP, SMB, DNS, Kerberos, SSL and data base traffic Oracle, MS SQL).
  • Out of the path solution, both agents and application modification are not required.
  • Granular permissions system and anonymization allow to protect sensitive data.


Datasheet: Passus Ambience: Monitoring and detection of security and business events in the network traffic
Download pdf file

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