In order to meet business expectations, the IT departments require efficient tools which allow the causes of potential issues to be located quickly and to appoint teams responsible for remedying them. APM/NPM solutions enable the elimination of bottlenecks, the planning and simulation of the effects of IT infrastructure changes and full control over its operation.

Ask us

  • What are the most frequent causes of low application performance which are identified on the basis of audits in Polish companies and organizations?
  • How can the large amount of data which is required for application performance analyses and problem identification be collected?
  • How is sniffing beneficial and how to capture and analyze the network traffic?
  • How to quickly identify quickly, whether the issue is caused by the network, application or server?

Why Passus

Execution of Poland’s largest APM/NPM projects

We have executed more than 500 projects for more than 300 of the largest Polish companies and organizations, and their scale has been acknowledged by worldwide companies, including Riverbed, Fluke Networks and Digi, which awarded us with EMEA Partner of the Year titles.

Qualified staff of engineers, developers and experts

Proof of the team’s competence, along with many successful implementations, is almost 40 individual certificates, which are often unique in the whole of Poland.

Innovative offering and the latest technologies available
We regularly cooperate with technical universities and we observe the latest global trends, enhancing our offer with innovative products and solutions from all around the world

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