Passus nDiagram

Passus nDiagram is an application for the visualization of network devices’ connections and operating parameters in the form of graphical diagrams. It significantly simplifies the analysis and interpretation of data collected by Riverbed NetIM The diagrams can be embedded on a custom, user-defined graphical background, e.g. country map or building plan, which makes it easier to locate the specific processes.


The diagram reflects the hierarchical structure of the network defined within NetIM, and shows the network devices, servers and their interconnections. When the status of a particular component changes, the user is informed about this by a change in its color  (e.g. device overload, link usage). The drilldown feature allows the network to be analyzed from a big picture down to a detailed level, and makes it possible to move intuitively around the hierarchic network structure.
The application is equipped with a number of easily available filters, which enable diagram elements to be shown or hidden, e.g. specific device types or named groups.
Diagram icons describe the devices and display their name, type and network interface details. It is also possible to add custom descriptions and comments.
The applications interface has a pop-up menu. An administrator with appropriate rights cans use it to log in to a specific device quickly or to run a custom script on such a device.


nDiagram visualizes events originating from Riverbed NetIM in the form of a table to which it is possible to apply filters of various criteria, e.g. significance or name. Such events can be then handled with simple, user-defined processes, i.e. can be commented upon, hidden, or marked for later processing, for instance.


nDiagram has an advanced notification system, which makes it possible to specify in detail the type of events the system user should be notified about. It is possible to define advanced rules, including the aggregation of identical events occurring at a certain interval, which allows  the number of messages to be reduced.


nDiagram allows the definition of  rights by defining roles and assigning the roles with access to device groups defined in Riverbed NetIM. It also collaborates with the Riverbed Portal, enabling the definition of the user access rights on the level of embedding the application with Portal’s iframe.


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