Ambience SCADA

Ambience SCADA - Coming Soon

Ambience SCADA is a specialized solution to monitoring and analyzing network traffic for the occurrence of events that could disrupt the operation of the network and devices (e.g. actions of malware, software errors, policy violations).

The system is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, responsive to the threat of cyber attacks and violation by users. The use of artificial intelligence algorithms is a completely innovative approach to the issue of security in industrial networks. Their use allows to recognize and identify incidents undetected by traditional security systems.

Key features:

  • decodes communication protocols and analyzes content and data sent by using them
  • it operates in near-real time to enable immediate detection of adverse events and anomalies, and thus potential for errors, incidents or attacks.
  • collects and stores data, which allows for the analysis of historical data and constant optimization of the algorithms used.


Passus SA was established as a result of spin-off the Network and Security Department from Passus Ltd. operating in the IT industry since 1992. It hires 30 highly qualified employees: engineers, programmers and specialists.


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