Ambience Healthcare

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Ambience Healthcare allows in real-time to identify and counteract conscious or human error-resulting leakages or unauthorized attempts to process sensitive information regardless of data format (text files, graphics, multimedia).

System analyzes online http and e-mail traffic and stores the information about key events in the form of metadata. Access to historical data in combination with a specially developed static model of behavior detects potentially dangerous anomalies in the operation of computer system users or medical devices. The solution enables effective protection of valuable or sensitive data transferred in medical units via computer networks. In particular, the protection will concern the data which leakage, loss or unauthorized modification can contribute to a measurable material, intellectual loss or loss of the good reputation of the medical unit.

Key functionality of the system:

  • Detection and analysis of images in near real-time, observed in the major communication channels
    • using DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) and HL7 (Health Level Seven) standards
    • converted to the popular image formats (gif, jpg, png). Applied artificial intelligence algorithms will allow for near real-time identification of the medical data in a set of all multimedia sent via the network.
  • Ensuring confidentiality and privacy of medical data at the level of intelligent analysis of their content in e-mail traffic or http.
    • Detection of images or medical multimedia that have features that allow to identify patients, e.g. special cases - public figures or the so-called "celebrities", where, leakage of data can lead significant financial implications for the medical unit and undermine its reputation.
    • Recognition of medical records in illicit communication channels - private email, instant messaging, network drives, tunneling traffic.
    • Monitoring access to medical data, e.g. stored as files on network resources or organization databases.
    • Medical systems user authentication process monitoring and detection of security breaches or attempts to breach security policy.
    • The use of administrative privileges to gain access to medical data.
    • Detecting unauthorized devices (e.g. private facilities) attempting to gain access to medical data or copy sensitive data to such devices.
    • Preventing sharing files or directories to people who do not have appropriate access rights.
    • Anonymisation of personal data or other confidential medical data in situations where it is necessary to provide information to unauthorized persons.


Passus SA was established as a result of spin-off the Network and Security Department from Passus Ltd. operating in the IT industry since 1992. It hires 30 highly qualified employees: engineers, programmers and specialists.


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